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Special Feature
Blue mark Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Series


Easy to Use! Paperless Recorder with Tauch Screen VGR-B100
Paperless Recorder VGR-B100


Number of Inputs 3, 6, 9, 12 points
Input circuit Isolated between each input.
Measurement interval 100m sec
Input signal DC voltage, DC current (Using external shunt resistor), Thermocouple, RTD
Burnout Available on TC and DC mV range, ・ON/OFF selectable (per channel)
Influence of external resistance
Influence of input lead resistance
Maximum 5Ω per wire
PV Digital filter 0 to 99 sec (OFF when 0 is set.)
Scaling range -32000 to +32000 (DC voltage, DC current input)
*Decimal point is programmable
Unit sign Preset units or 20 units (each unit eight characters or less) that can be made.
Square Root Extraction PV ratio + PV bias
Math function Number of math channel : 36 channels
Arithmetic, general, multiplication and F value calculation can be computed with each math channel.
・The content of the math can be set and be confirmed only with the Parameter Loader Software (Standard supplied)
F value computation function F value of each channel (fatal value of the bacterium by the heating sterilization) is computed from the measurement temperature.
The content of the computation can be set and be confirmed only with the Parameter Loader Software (Standard supplied)
Input, Range, Max. Resolution, Measurement Accuracy
DC Voltage / DC Current mV -10.00 to +10.00 10µV ±(0.1%+1digit)
0.00 to +20.00 10µV
0.00 to +50.00 10µV
V -0.200 to +0.200 1mV
-1.000 to +1.000 1mV
-10.00 to +10.00 10mV
0.000 to +5.000 1mV
mA 4.00 to 20.00 0.01mA
Thermocouple B *1 0.0 to 1820.0 0.1°C ±(0.1%+1digit)
R *2 0.0 to 1760.0 0.1°C
0.0 to 1200.0 0.1°C
S *2 0.0 to 1760.0 0.1°C
K -200.0 to 1370.0 0.1°C ±(0.1%+1digit)

-200.0 to 0.0°C
: ±(0.15%+1digit)
-200 to 600.0 0.1°C
-200.0 to 300.0 0.1°C
E -200.0 to 800.0 0.1°C
-200.0 to 300.0 0.1°C
-200.0 to 150.0 0.1°C
J -200.0 to 1100.0 0.1°C
-200.0 to 400.0 0.1°C
-200.0 to 200.0 0.1°C
T -200.0 to 400.0 0.1°C
-200.0 to 200.0 0.1°C
C (W5Re/W26Re) 0.0 to 2320.0 0.1°C ±(0.1%+1digit)
Au-Fe *3 1.0 to 300.0 0.1K ±(0.2%+1digit)
N 0.0 to 1300.0 0.1°C ±(0.1%+1digit)
PR40-20 *4 0.0 to 1880.0 0.1°C ±(0.2%+1digit)
PL II 0.0 to 1390.0 0.1°C ±(0.1%+1digit)
U -200.0 to 400.0 0.1°C  ±(0.1%+1digit)
-200.0 to 0.0°C
: ±(0.15%+1digit)
L -200.0 to 900.0 0.1°C
RTD Pt100 -200.0 to 650.0 0.1°C  ±(0.1%+1digit)
-200.0 to 200.0 0.1°C
JPt100 -200.0 to 630.0 0.1°C
-200.0 to 200.0 0.1°C
*1   0 to 400°C : ±4%,   400 to 800°C : ±(0.15%+1digit)
*2   0 to 200°C : ±(0.15%+1digit)
*3   1 to 20K : ±(0.5%+1digit),   20 to 50K : ±(0.3%+1digit)
*4   0 to 300°C : ±(1.5%+1digit),   300 to 800°C : ±(0.8%+1digit)
*5   Reference Junction Compensation (Ambient temperature : 23°C±2°C)
        R, S, PR40-20, Au-Fe : ±1.0°C,   K, E, J, T, C, N, PL II, U, L : ±0.5°C
Display Touch Panel type 5.7-inch TFT color LCD (320 x 240 dots)
Display color 16 colors
Display language English/Japanese (Selectable by setting)
Display group Number of groups : Main records 6, Sub record 1
Number of channels : Max. 12 channels/group
Display interval 1 sec
External memory SD memory card (SD/SDHC)
Internal memory Approx. 100MB
Memory Capacity SD : Max. 2GB, SDHC : Max. 32GB
Main record data Trend graph, Event Data, Message data
Sub record data Trend graph
 • The record condition can be selected from "sync.", "Alarm", "DI".
Recording cycle 1 sec to 60 min (SUB record is possible 100m sec)
Trend data Minimum value, Maximum value, Current value
Average value (Selectable)
Data saving cycle 1 hour to 1 year
 • Data is first saved to the internal memory and then copied to the SD card at the specified cycle. When the internal memory is full or when recording is stopped, data is saved to the SD card.
Other record data Alarm status, Message
Memory remaining capacity display When the SD card is full, recording is stopped or data can overwrite oldest data (whichever is selected)
Data format Binary or Binary + CSV format (Selectable)
 ´Standard Function
Alarm Number of alarm setting : Max. 4 point per channel
Alarm type : High limit, Low limit, Abnormal data
Alarm output : 1 point
Open collector output, 30V DC. 20mA
Communication Type :Ethernet (10BASE-T)
Protocol :Modbus/TCP
 • Built in HTTP server and FTP server
  Optional Function
Communication Type :RS-485
Protocol :Modbus RTU
Bit format :
Start bit : 1, Data bit :8, Parity bit : Without, Odd or Even
Communication speed : 9600 bps
Maximum connection : 32 units (Including host)
Digital input / Digital output 12 channel type is not available with Digital input/Digital output.
Number of Digital input : 9 points, Non-voltage input (Same common)
Digital input function
Recording RUN/STOP, Message setting, Multiplication value RESET, LCD backlight ON/OFF
Number of Digital output : 12 points, Open collector output (Same common) 30V DC, 20mA/point
Digital output function : Alarm output
Relay contact output 12 channel type is not available with Relay contact output.
Number of Relay contact output : 6 points, 250V AC 3A, 30D DC 3A
(• 3A/common, Total : Less than 9A)
Output function : Alarm output
Remote AI A maximum of 6 remote units can be connected via RS-485.
  General Specifications
Power supply 85 to 264V AC (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption Power supply voltage 100V AC : LCD ON 15VA, LCD OFF 12VA
Power supply voltage 200V AC : LCD ON 25VA, LCD OFF 22VA
Memory backup Flash memory.
Clock backup : Lithium battery.
(Life : Approx 5years at non power supply status)
Insulation resistance Between terminals and ground : 20MW or more (at 500V DC)
Dielectric strength 500V AC for one minute between input terminals
500V AC for one minute between input terminals and ground
2000V AC for one minute between power terminals and ground
Ambient temperature 0 to 50°C
Ambient humidity 20 to 80% RH
Compliance with Standards CE marking :
EMC : EN61326-1
LVD : EN61010-1
Waterproof / Dustproof IP65 (Front panel)
Net Weight Approx 1.0kg (3 channels type)


Units : mm
Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 External Dimension
Bkue mark Panel Cutout
Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Panel Cutout

Model Code

Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Model Code
Standard Accessories : Mounting brackets, Packing for waterproof (Panel packing, O-ring)
CD-ROM (Instruction Manual, Software)
*1 : When 12 channel input type is specified, no digital inputs/outputs nor relay contact outputs are available.
*2 : Ethernet communication is standard function.

Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Option Accessories

Basic Display

Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Real-time Trend Display

Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Bar Graph Display

Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Digital Display

Historical Trend Display
Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Historical Trend Display
The REAL key on the real time trend screen allows access to the historical data of the currently displayed data and the data from saved file.

Event History / Communication History Display
Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Event History / Communication History Display
Any event that became active in the currently recorded data as well as a user defined message can be saved in the data file.
The LAN communication history can also be logged into the file.


Blue Mark Quick start of recording at the press of REC button
Recording starts immediately after upon pressing the REC button.
The recorded data can be easily copied to the SD card and viewed with Excel or the supplied software.
Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Quick start of recording at the press of REC button
  An SD card is not supplied with the product and must be supplied by the user.
· The recorder has an onboard Flash memory (approximately 100MB).
· The data can be saved in CSV format that can be directly edited with Excel or binary format. (whichever is selected *1).
*1 The storage format is either binary format only or binary format + CSV format.
· Recording cycle is 0.1 second (sub-recording) or adjustable from 1 second to 60 minutes.

Blue Mark Flexible Inputs
Up to 12 analog data can be handled on the main unit.
Use of optional remote inputs expands the inputs up to 36 points.
Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Flexible Inputs

Blue Mark Math Function
In addition to arithmetic operations and totalizing of inputs, the math function enables storage of various computed data such as F-value and DI status.

Blue Mark Lock screen to prevent unintentional operations
Operations via touch screen and front keys can be locked.
Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Lock screen to prevent unintentional operations
Security on/off requires password entry.

Blue Mark Real-time Trend Graph
Maximum 8 recorders can be viewed on the same screen via Ethernet.
Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Real-time Trend Graph
Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Software Data Viewer
·Display: Selectable from trend graph, digital display, and latest value display.
·Recorder can be started/stopped from the Data Viewer (running on PC).

Blue Mark Parameter Loader Function
The recorder setup data can be uploaded to the recorder and downloaded from the recorder.

Software (Parameter Loader) Standard software
Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 Parameter Loader Function
Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 The recorder setup data can be uploaded to the recorder and downloaded from the recorder.


Paperless Recorder VGR-B100 System Configuration