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RKC Products widely used in Semiconductor industry
LE100 Level Sensor for cleaning machine LE100
  • This product is used to meausre the fluid level of various chemicals and pure water in the cleaning process of the wafer production.
  • The fluid level can be read off on a digital display.
  • Six or eight digital outputs (open collector) can be set against the fluid levels.
  • The specific gravity of the fluid used can be automatically calculated. (Manual calculation is also possible).
  • Optional RS-485 serial communication.

F9000 Temperature Controller with high resolution and fast sampling REX-F9000
  • Highly precision controller devloped for steppers.
  • Provides 1/1000°C resolution.
  • Control can be performed against heater voltage flucturation by the use of power feedforward function.
  • Provides optional two-loop control with a single F9000.

ST-55/ST-56 Surface Temperature sensor
  • Sensors for tiny surface temperature.
  • The use of a thermocouple enables a tiny diameter at the top and measurement of an object with small heat capacity is possible.
  • The use of adhesive tape on the measuring point fixes the measurement point firmly (Tefron covering, max. 260°C)
  • Sensor length can be extended up to maximum of 800mm (Ceramic coat: D=0.32. Maximum length may differ depending on the element diameter).
  • Can be used to measure surface temperature of dummy wafer in semiconductor manufacturing process.
  • Can be used to measure temperature on discrete components on the printed wiring board.
  • High temperature type (with ceramic coating) can measure up to 500°C.

CZ-51P Liquid Sensor
  • This is a single-disk type liquid sensor.
  • Measures pressure inside the pipe that changes according to the liquid level.
  • PCTFE film is applied on the pressure diaphragm.
  • Uses a special O-ring to increase anti-chemical durability.

Date: 2001-11-08