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RKC provides repair services for 5 years after a product has been discontinued from production.
This period may be shorter due to unavailability of the necessary components.
Models Final production date
11PH- (100V system)
12PH- (200V system)
11PHS- (100V system)
12PHF- (200V system)
12PHN- (200V system)
11PHM- (100V system)
13PHB- (380V system)
33PHF- (380V system)
34PHF- (400V system)
12ZE- (200V system)
10PHS- (100V system)
11PHF- (100V system)
13PHF- (380V)
14PHF- (400V system)
11PHN- (100V system)
13PHN- (380V)
14PHN- (400V system)
11SRF- (100V system)
12SRF- (200V system)
13SRF- (380V)
14SRF- (400V system)
11SRN- (100V system)
14SRN- (400V system)
11ZEF- (100V system)
13ZEF- (380V)
14ZEF- (400V system)
14PH- (400V system)
11ZE- (100V system)
32PHN- (200V system)
33PHN- (380V)
34PHN- (400V system)
AF-48 May-91
BRA-100A May-01
BRA-100B May-01
BRA-5E Nov-96
BT-5 Apr-93
COM-100A May-01
COM-101A May-01
COM-102A Dec-98
COM-103C Nov-07
COM-B Nov-10
CP1-C2G, CP1-C2U, CP-E5W, CP1-H4B May-11
CS-4 Jun-95
CT-3 OCT-86
CT-300 Nov-11
CVM-AI8,-AO8,-DI8 Apr-99
CVM-DI2/24,-DO2/24 Nov-96
CVM-RB8,-AIO Nov-96
CVM-TC8 Nov-96
CVM-1 Dec-92
CVM-2 Jan-92
CVM-3A May-01
CVM-3B Nov-07
CVM-3C Nov-07
CVM-4 Nov-07
CVM-48N6 Nov-07
CZ-1P Oct-86
CZ-GP100 Nov-06
DB-4 May-91
DB-48 Nov-03
DB-480 May-01
DBH-480 Nov-07
DB-6 Dec-04
DB-6H Mar-86
DB-6H6 Mar-03
DB-6P5 Mar-03
DF/DB/PB/PN-41 May-90
DF/DB/PN-96 May-90
DF-61 Mar-86
DN-480 Dec-97
DN-96 May-01
DP-1*A May-97
DP-100 Feb-01
DP-1 May-97 
DP-2 Dec-92
DP-3 Jun-90
DP-100 Feb-01
DP-200 Jun-87
DP-300 May-97
DP-500 Dec-04
DP-4 May-97
DP-48 May-01
EP-48,EP-61 Jun-94
FAREX-E1 Oct-89
FAREX-E2 Oct-94
FP1 Nov-11
FP2, FP3 May-11
HPO-30 May-97
HPS-51 Jun-94
HPS-62AC Dec-97
JB-12, 13 Nov-10
JB-14C May-11
MC1,MF1 Mar-86
MD-21,51 Dec-98
MD-53 Jun-94
MDS-96,MDS-96*A Nov-96
MF/MC-1 Jun-95
MF/MD-55 Dec-92
MF-21,-51 Dec-92
MF-48 May-01
MF-480 Dec-92
MFH-480 Dec-90
MF-65 Jun-95
MF-72 Dec-92
MFH-480 May-90
MR-12 May-01
MR-12C Jun-95
MR-12D Sep-95
MS-2,MS-3,MSN-1 Dec-92
OPC-H Feb-12
OPC-SC1, SC2, SE1 Nov-06
OPL Mar-01
OPM, OPM-H Nov-10
OPC-SC1, SC2, SE1 Nov-06
PB-6 May-01
PB-6(H,H6) Mar-98
PB-96 May-01
PF-41 May-91
PF-62 May-01
PF-8 Oct-95
PN/DN/AN-48 Dec-92
PN-6 May-01
PS-962 May-90
R-100, 110 Jan-96
RDU Dec-05
REX-AC110 Nov-10
REX-AC410 Nov-10
REX-AF4 May-97
REX-B800 Nov-10
REX-B850 Nov-10
REX-C1 Dec-92
REX-C10 Jun-08
REX-C1000 Dec-98
REX-C1100 Jun-94
REX-C2000 series Dec-98
REX-C3000 Apr-99
REX-C3500 Apr-95 
REX-C4,C9 Dec-97
REX-C40,C41,C70,C90 Dec-97
REX-C480 Dec-87
REX-C72 May-91
REX-F1000 Dec-92
REX-F4,F7,F9 with Z option
REX-F9 with communication function
REX-F4 with trigger output
REX-F4, F7, F9 Nov-07
REX-G9 Oct-04
REX-P100 Mar-03
REX-P1000 Jan-92
REX-P200 Nov-10
REX-P210 May-01
REX-P250 Nov-10
REX-P300 May-11
REX-P50 Nov-88
REX-P9 Jun-94
REX-P90 May-97
REX-PG410 Oct-10
PS-962 May-90
REX-Z2000 Dec-92
REX-Z2100 Dec-92
REX-Z2500, Z2530, Z2540 May-01
RHT-100 Dec-92
RHT-65 Dec-92
RMU Dec-05
SBR10 Nov-07
SBR50 Jun-95
SBR100 Jun-94
SBR180 Dec-93
SBR-C50 Jun-02
SBR-HT100 Apr-99
SBR-EM100,180 Mar-11
SBR-ET100,180 Mar-96
SBR-EX100,180 Mar-96
SBR-EY100 Sep-05
SBR-EY180 May-06
SBR100 Jun-94
SBR180 Dec-93
SP-48 May-01
SP400 Nov-07
SR-15 Aug-09
SR-16, 26 May-11
SS-45C-F, SS-60C-F Nov-07
SSE Nov-06
ST-24, 33, 34, 38 Nov-06
ST-25, 28, 35, 39, 42, 45, 45L, 46, 46L Nov-10
ST-27, 28L, 31, 31A, 31B, 31C, 31D, 31E, 31F
ST-42LA, 42LB, 47, 91, 91A, 91B
ST-40 Nov-07
TM-48 May-01
US Dec-05
VTI-48 Jun-94
VTI-85 Jun-95