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COM-E is a communication protocol converter between RKC and PLC protocols. With a COM-E, development of communication program on the PLC side to connect to RKC products is no longer required. Read only data in RKC instruments are automatically sent to registers inside the PLC.

Applicable PLCs

COM-E can be used with the following PLCs (Please specify the PLC type at the time of ordering).

- Mitsubishi     AnA, Q/QnA (models that accept QR/QW commands).

                        A type CPU (that accepts WR/WW commands)
                        To connect a COM-E, calculation link unit is required.
- Omron            CS1 series
- Yokogawa    FA-M3 series


  • Data aquisition by connecting to a host (PC) via RS-232C (RKC/ANSI standard protocol).
  • No need of communication progoram to talk to a PLC.
  • Maximum of 20 controllers can be connected to a single COM-E. (However, connection of COM-E to a PLC is 1:1. If more than 20 controllers are connected to a PLC, the PLC should have another communication port.@

Connectable temperature controllers

  • F400/F700/F900
  • CB100/400/500/700/900
  • SA200
  • LE100

Date: 2001-11-08