Module type digital controller SRX Module type digital controller SRX
High Resolution
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Star 01High Resolution
The SRX has high resolution thermocouple, RTD, or current/voltage input to achieve an accurate control with high speed sampling time.
In the controller, analog signal from a sensor is converted to digital signal, and the digital signal is processed to output signal as control output. Therefore, the resolution at conversion process from analog to digital, and digital to analog is critical to achieve an accurate control.

High resolution
Note: This diagram shows how accurately the SRX captures the input signal.

High speed feedback control of 40 samples per second.
Star1Ultra High Speed Sampling 0.025 sec Star5Space-saving, simple-wiring
Star2Two Channels in One Module Star6High Accuracy ±(0.1% of PV)
Star4Ramp / Soak Program Control Star7Communications

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