Accuracy ± (0.3% of reading + 1digit)

SA200 Temperature Controller


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Input Thermocouple, RTD, DC voltage, DC current
* For DC current input, connect a 250W resister (sold separately) to the input terminals.
Sampling time 0.5 sec.
Measuring accuracy Thermocouple
±(0.3% of reading + 1 digit) or ±2°C (4°F) whichever is larger

±(0.3% of reading + 1 digit) or ±0.8°C (1.6°F) whichever is larger

DC voltage and DC current
±(0.3% of span + 1 digit)
Out of an accuracy guarantee range Thermocouple R, S, B : 0 to 399°C
Thermocouple T, U : Less than -100°C
Control method PID control (with autotuning and self-tuning function)
* ON/OFF, P, PI and PD control are also selectable.

Heat/cool PID control (with autotuning)
Control output type Relay contact output
Voltage pulse output
Communications @RS-485
External Dimensions 48 x 24 x 100mm (W x H x D)
Standard function RUN/STOP switching
Optional function Alarm function : Up to 2 points (Temperature alarm, Loop break alarm)
Contact input : 2 points
Dustproof and waterproof protection : IP66
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