Accuracy ± (0.3% of span + 1digit)

SR Mini HG SYSTEM ( Standard type )
Modular multi-loop Process / Temperater Controller

Module type temperature controller SR Mini HG system

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Configuration The single unit of a power supply / CPU module and up to ten I/O modules per DIN rail.
Two control zones per module.
Up to 16 units ( Max. 320 loops ) are available when connected to a PLC or a host computer.
Up to 8 units ( Max. 160 loops ) are available when connected to a RKC touch screen opereation panel.
Input Thermocouple, RTD, DC voltage, DC current
Sampling time 0.5 sec. ( Standard type )
0.1 sec. ( High accuracy type )
However, there is 0.2 second type by specification.
Measuring accuracy Standard type
± ( 0.3 % of spsn + 1 digit )

High accuracy type
± ( 0.1 % of spsn + 1 digit )

However, there is 0.2 % type by specification.
Out of an accuracy guarantee range Thermocouple B : Less than 399°C
Cold junction temperature compensation error Standard type
Within ±1.0°C
(between 0 and 50°C)
High accuracy type
Within ±0.8°C (between 0 and 50°C)

Input temperature
-150 to -100°C : Within ±2.0°C
-200 to -150°C : Within ±3.0°C
Control method ON/OFF control
Brilliant PID control ( PI control is selectable .)
( with enhanced autotuning )
Heat/cool brilliant PID control
( with autotuning )
Position proportioning control
( Feedback resistance unnecessary type )
Control output type Relay contact output
Voltage pulse output
DC current output
Triac trigger output
Triac output
Open collector output
Communications RS-232C
MODBUS supported.
CC-Link, PLC communication support ( MAPMAN )
Type of module Power / CPU Module
Temperature Control Module
CT Input Module
Temperture Input Module
Analog Input Module
Analog Output Module
Digital Input Module
Digital Output Module
Operation Panel
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