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Resin Pressure Sensors
Blue Mark Resin Pressure Sensors CZ-200P
PG500, PCT-300HA430HA930 The CZ-200P pressure sensor is a push rod lead-type sensor and thus there is no concem of resin contamination, even if a diaphragm rupture occours.
A SPRON diaphragm with a maximum operating temperature of 550°C and excellent corrosion resistance on the level of Hastelloy C has been added to our line up.
A built-in thermocouple temperature sensor type is available as an option.
Temperature and resin pressure can be measured using a single mounting hole.
The temperature measurement contact is located 2mm from the diaphragm surface, enabling measurement of a temperature closer to the actual resin temperature.
(Thermocouple K or J, Class : 2)
The three-layer structure of the lead unit and an optional lead-pipe cover reduce indication fluctuations due to external heat and tightening.
In addition, when combined with an indicator with built-in liniarization and converter, high-accuracy pressure measurement to a maximum accuracy of 0.5% FS is possible. (Linearization is an option.)
 PG500  PCT-300  HA430  HA930


        Type : SPRON

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Blue Mark Resin Pressure Sensors CZ-100P
PG500, PCT-300HA430HA930 The detection of strain caused by the deformation of an elastic metal body within its elasticity limit using the highly reliable strain gauge enables highly accurate pressure measurement.
The dual construction of connecting pipe and puressure sensing element portions extremely lessens output indication change caused by external transient temperature change.
Calibration normally performed to a strain gauge sensor becomes easy and accurate without monitoring the output due to the employment of the PCT-300 output converter.
 PG500  PCT-300  HA430  HA930

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