Measuring Range -40 to 300°C
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Operating Humidity 90% rH and below (no condensation)
Measuring Accuracy When the ambient temperature is 25±2°C and the emissivity is 1,
0 to 300°C : bigger value of either of ±1% of the measured value ±1digit or ±(2+1digit)
-30 to0°C : ±3°C ±1digit
below -30°C : ±5°C ±1digit
Repeatability within 1°C ±1digit
Response 1sec (90% response)
Collimation Laser beam (650nm 1mW JIS class2) specifies the center.
Display Reflecting type LCD
Display Resolution 0.5°C. 1°C for below . 20°C and over 100°C.
Emissivity Settings Before shipment: 0.95. The value can be altered between 0.8
and 1.0 with the slide switch at the lower part of the battery
compartment (by 0.05 steps).
Auto Power Off If no key is pressed for 30 seconds, the power is shut off
Water -Proof Property IP67
Approved Standard CE marking : EMI EN61326 ClassB ,EMS EN61326 Annex C
Stability : ±5.0°C under EMC test environment at 25°C
Housing material ABS (antibacterial)
Weight Approx. 123g
Battery 2 AAA alkali cell batteries
( Battery Life : Approximately 10 hours for continuous use )
Measuring Diameter
Measuring diameter
External Dimensions (Unit : mm )
External Dimensions
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