HA930, HA430 Pressure feedback control of resin extruder HA430, HA930
7 inputs and 5 outputs
Line 1
Star 017 inputs and 5 outputs
A maximum of two measured inputs and five event inputs can be specified. A maximum of five outputs can be specified, and various output functions (control output, analog retransmission, event up to 4) can be allocated in output logic operation.

Event output ;
Deviation High, Low, High-Low
Process High, Low
Deviation Band
Loop break alarm

Pressure input

Control output of CH1
Temperature input
or Voltage, Current input
Input Output Control output of CH2
Event output 3, 4
Analog retransmission output
DI1 - DI5 DO3
Area change
Run / Stop
Remote / Local
Auto / Manual
Hold / Reset
Interlock reset
Motor speed of rotation
Up / Down
Forced reset
Event output 2,3, 4
Analog retransmission output
Event output 1, 2, 3
Event output 1, 2

Star 1 Ultra high speed sampling 0.025 sec
Star 2 Pressure and Temperature control with a single instrument
Star 4 Communications
Star 5 RKC IR software to enable a controller parameter setup with PDA.

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