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Digital Controller FZ Series
Advanced control performance

Proactive Function

Suppressing Overshoot    PA:Proactive Function

Proactive function suppresses overshoot and provides fast and stable control.
Adjustable Proactive Intensity allows the FZ to be tuned appropriate for various process applications.
Determines response based on the deviation amount and speed and adjusts the PID factors using fuzzy logic operation.

Advanced control performance FZ110 FZ400 FZ900
1. Startup (power on, control stop to start)
Startup power on control stop to start

2. Set v1alue (SV) change, Ramp control
Set v1alue (SV) change, Ramp control

3. When external disturbance occurs
When external disturbance occurs

Bottom suppression function
When the input fluctuation by external disturbance is detected, the amount of FF (Feed forward) is added to the output value to suppress the Bottom.
Bottom suppression function

Level PID Function
The FZ stores a maximum of 8 preset PID settings and automatically switches from one PID setting to another depending on the preset SV or PV level.
Thus, the process can be controlled with the optimum PID setting.
Level PID Function
Parameters of Memory area at Level PID
Proportional band (Heat side/Cool side), Integral time (Heat side/Cool side), Derivative time (Heat side/Cool side), Control response, Overlap/Deadband, Manual reset, Proactive intensity, FF amount, LBA time, LBA dead band, Output limiter High/Low (Heat side/Cool side)
Parameters of Memory area at Level PID
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