High performance 1/16 DIN size temperature controller FB100
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Cascade Control
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Type FB100 temperature controller Input

Type FB100 temperature controller control

Position Proportional Control
Type FB100 temperature controller position proportional control

Type FB100 temperature controller performance

Type FB100 temperature controller output

Digital Output (DO)
Type FB100 temperature controller Digital output (DO)

Multi-Memory Area (recipe)
Type FB100 temperature controller Multi-Memory Area

Event (Alarm)
Type FB100 temperature controller Event Alarm

Heater Break Alarm (HBA) : Optional
Type FB100 temperature controller Heater Break Alarm (HBA)

Digital Input (DI) : Optional
Type FB100 temperature controller Digital Input (DI)

Remote Setpoint Input : Optional
Type FB100 temperature controller Remote Setpoint Input

Analog Retransmission Output (AO) : Optional
Type FB100 temperature controller Analog Retransmission Output

Feedback Resistance (FRB) Input : Optional
Type FB100 temperature controller Feedback Resistance Input

Communicaitons : Optional
Type FB100 temperature controller Communications

Inter-controller Communication : Optional
Type FB100 temperature controller Inter-controller communication

Loader Communication
Type FB100 temperature controller Loader Communication

Type FB100 temperature controller Waterproof/Dustproof

General Specifications
Type FB100 temperature controller General Specifications


Unit : mm
Temperatuer controller FB100 External Dimensions
Temperatuer controller FB100 Panel cutout
Waterproof/dustproof is not available for close horizontal mounting.

Model and Suffix Code

Temperature controller FB100 model and suffix code
Default setting
· Digital output (DO1, DO2) : Standard function
*1: When Heat Control or Cool Control is selected, output 2 is available for Event Output, HBA Output and FAIL Output.
See Output Allocation Table
*2: See Digital Input (DI) Allocation Table
*3: When HBA (heater break alarm) is used , select the "CT input" from the model code.

Output Code Table
Temperature controller FB100 output code table

Input Code Table
Temperatuer controller FB100 Input Code Table

Quick Start Code

Quick start code tells the factory to ship with each parameter preset to the values detailed as specified by the customer.
Quick start code is not necessarily specified when ordering, unless the preset is requested.
These parameters are software selectable items and can be re-programmed in the field via the manual.
temperature controller FB100 Quick start code
Default setting when no quick start code is specified.
CT type : CTL-6-P-N
Communication 2 :ANSI/RKC standard protocol
Communication 2 is for inter-controller communication.
Output Allocation Table
Temperature controller FB100 Output allocation table
  • Energized/De-energized is configurable except for the FAIL output. (Factory default setting: Energized)
  • Invalid for a non-existing output/input function.
  • When used as heating/cooling control/position proportioning control, select any code of 01 to 07.
  • Remote/Local transfer can be done during cascade control and ratio control by inter-controller communication.
Digital input (DI) Allocation Table
Temperature controller FB100 Digital input (DI) allocation table

Example of Model Code and Quick Start Code
Example Specifications
Input : Thermocouple K 0.0 to 400.0°C
Control method : PID control for heating (Output : 4 to 20mA DC)
Digital Output (Alarm) : 2 points (Deviation High, Deviation Low)
Analog retransmission output : 0 to 10V DC
Digital input : 1 point (RUN/STOP)
Example of model code

Example of Quick start code
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Cascade Control
It is effective when a thermal time-delay exists between the heat source and a control point. A maximum of 31 slave controllers can be connected to one master controller.
Cascade Control
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Red Mark High accuracy : 0.1% , Selectable sampling time
Red Mark Easy maintenance Plug-in
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Panel space saving 74mm depth ECO mark
Red Mark Numerous inputs and outputs
Red Mark Inter-controller Communication
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Blue Mark Auto-temperature-rize with Learning Function
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Blue Mark Temperature Ratio Setting
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Blue Mark Group RUN/STOP Function
Red Mark Recipe Function (Multi-memory Area)
Red Mark Ramp/Sork Program Control
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Startup tuning ECO mark
Red Mark Easy parameter setup via USB loader port
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