Temperature controller FB series products photo Temperature controller FB900, FB400 rogo mark
Numerous inputs and outputs
High performance temperature controllers

ANSI, MODBUS communication
Inter-controller communication
Up to 2 points WIN UCI (setting/monitoring tool)
Universal input Communication
Thermocouple, RTD
DC voltage, DC current
Input Up to 4 points
Output Digital output

Up to 7 points

Digital input input Output Analog retransmission

Remote setting input Input Output Heat/Cool control

Power feed forward
PFF input Input Output Position proportioning
control without FBR
Loader communication

High performance temperature controllers
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Star mark Panel space saving : 60mm depth
Star mark Easy maintenance
Star mark A more advanced Brilliant II PID
Star mark User-friendly key-operation and display
Star mark Inter-controller Communication
Star mark Temperature uniformity and stability
High performance temperature controllers
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High performance temperature controllers
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