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User-friendly key-operation and display

High performance temperature controllers

Star markDirect Function Keys
Three direct function keys enable one-touch operation on frequently used functions such as Auto/Manual, Monitoring display scroll, and Memory area selection.
The keys can also be configured as RUN/STOP, Remote/Local, and Auto/Manual keys.

Direct Function Keys Direct Mode keys
Can be set to any of the following selection modes.
Selection modes
(Also possible to invalidate the direct mode selection key function.)

Star markLarge, Crystal Clear 5-Digit Display Unit
The FB Series features an easy-to-read 20mm height five digit display which can show a range between -19999 and 19999.
(The display range varies depending on the input type.)

Temperature controllers FB900, FB400 product photo

Star markBar Graph Display
The bar graph on the front panel can display control output value (factory setting), deviation between SV and PV, measured value, or CT1/CT2 input value. The FB900 bar graph display resolution is 20 LED segments and there are 10 LED segments for the FB400.

Manipulated output
Manipulated output Deviation
Resolution can be set.

High performance temperature controllers
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High performance temperature controllers
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High performance temperature controllers
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