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Inter-controller Communication

High performance temperature controllers

Star markInter-controller Communication
The FB Series has a second communication port (COM2) for inter-controller communication. It achieves more precise cascade control and ratio control by sending data via digital communication while conventional cascade controllers send data to slave controllers by analog signal with less resolution.

Inter-controller Communication

Star markTemperature Ratio Setting
If the master controller changes the control set value, the slave controllers will also change the set values by following preset ratios to the master.

* Up to 32 controllers with 16 groups can be configured.


Star markCascade Control
It is effective when a thermal time-delay exists between the heat source and a control point. A maximum of 30 slave controllers can be connected to one master controller.

Cascade control

Star markGroup RUN/STOP Function
When RUN/STOP mode is changed on one controller in a group, the mode of all the other controllers in the same group will be also automatically changed.

*Up to 32 controllers with 16 groups can be configured.

Group RUN/STOP function

High performance temperature controllers
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High performance temperature controllers
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High performance temperature controllers
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