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A more advanced Brilliant II PID

PV derivative type PID control
Deviation derivative type PID control
High performance temperature controllers

Star markSelectable PID control algorithm
PID control algorithm is selectable in the FB Series to achieve the most precise control for various applications.
PV Derivative PID : suitable for fixed setpoint control (Factory setting)
Deviation Derivative PID : suitable for ramp control using ramp-to-setpoint function and cascade control.

PV derivative type PID control Deviation derivative type PID control
Most adaptive to conventional fixed value control Most adaptive to conventional fixed value control
PV derivative type PID control explanation drawing Deviation derivative type PID control explanation drawing

Star markSelectable sampling time among 50ms, 100ms, and 250ms.
Selectable sampling time makes the FB Series suitable for any application ranging from pressure control requiring fast response to precise control requiring highest resolution. The selections are 100ms (factory setting) usually suitable for most of standard applications, 50ms for fast response applications, and 250ms for precise control requiring high-resolution. The PID parameters can be set in 1/10 unit which supports fast and accurate control. Ramp-to-setpoint and output-change-limiter functions are each settable for UP and DOWN so that a special heater can be controlled precisely.

250ms sampling controller 50ms sampling controller
250ms sampling controller explanation drawing 50ms sampling controller explanation drawing

Star markAdvanced Heat/Cool PID algorithm with Undershoot Suppression
Advanced Heat/Cool PID algorithm achieves stable control by the Undershoot Suppression (USS) function, and independent P-I-D settings for both Heat and Cool which are effective for applications with strong cooling gain. Control Response type selection is settable to avoid overshoot at start-up and against external disturbance. The FB Series also offers selection of water cool and air cool PID control algorithm.

Control response parameter USS (Under Shoot Suppression) gain
Control response parameter explanation drawing USS (Under Shoot Suppression) gain explanation drawing

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Star mark Panel space saving : 60mm depth
Star mark Easy maintenance
Star mark Numerous inputs and outputs
Star mark User-friendly key-operation and display
Star mark Inter-controller Communication
Star mark Temperature uniformity and stability
High performance temperature controllers
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