Press Pelease

RKC Instrument announces the introduction of the H-PCP-J Power/CPU module for their SR Mini HG modular process control system. The new module contributes to saving engineering time and effort spent on communication programming.

The new module can talk MODBUS, DeviceNet (via COM-H) or Profibus (via COM-G) and RKC host communication at the same time by using an additional communications port, allowing the controller to communicate with a host PC at a control room and a local operator at the factory floor. Interfacing a temperature control system has never been easier! The Mapman function built into the H-PCP-J will automatically write data into most PLC's, reducing programming time normally required. Selections for PC type and serial communications protocol type are easily made by a DIP switch. The communication speed at all ports has been increased up to 38.4K.

The SR Mini HG System is an advanced high performance multi-zone PID Temperature control system. The system is capable of controlling up to 320 temperature zones per operator interface. The unique design enables the process engineer to freely configure the controller for specific applications. Each module, no larger than four 3 1/2 floppy disks, has two PID loops and mounts inside a control panel on a DIN rail. The SR Mini System is ideal for processing accurate temperature control loops in conjunction with a PLC system or as a stand alone temperature control system.

RKC Instrument was the first to design a DINrail modular type of controller with the release of the SR Mini in 1994. These systems are used in plastics machinery, semiconductor processes, ovens and furnaces, kilns, food baking, petro-chemical, semiconductor, test stands, and environmental chambers.

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