Digital Indicator Digital Indicator AG500 product photo
High performance digital indicator with high visibility and advanced functions

Resolution 1/100°C is available (RTD input)
Digital indicator used in a wide field.
This AG500 type digital indicator has an abundant function to introduce below.
Red Mark Bright, Easy-to-Read Oversized LED Displays Digital Indicator AG500
Red Mark Panel space saving : 60mm
Red Mark Numerous Input and Output
Red Mark Sensor power supply
Red Mark Interlock (Latch) Function
Red Mark Alarm Delay Timer
Red Mark Alarm Hold Action
Red Mark Alarm energized/de-energized action selection
Blue Mark Specifications Blue Mark Input range table Blue Mark External Dimensions
Blue Mark Installation Manual >>> IMR02F06E1.pdf (345KB)
Blue Mark Operation Manual >>> IMR02F07E2.pdf (410KB)
Blue Mark Communication Instruction Manual >>> IMR02F08E2.pdf (275KB)
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